TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- Tesla car owners will soon be able to get a quick charge in Twin Falls. A Supercharger Station is being installed next to the Twin Falls Chamber and Visitor Center.


Chamber officials said they could not comment on the project, but charging stations are already standing near the Snake River Canyon. Tesla Communications representative  Alexis Georgeson said in an email that they can't reveal when the charging stations will be ready to use. According to Georgeson the station will complete the Interstate 84 route. The company already has Supercharger Stations in Boise and Tremonton, Utah.


The electric car company says it is focused on providing free long distance travel across the nation by placing charging stations along major travel corridors. The charging stations are placed in specific areas near shops and restaurants. The company says a Tesla supercharger is more powerful and can charge one of their cars in 30 minutes for range of 170 miles. Tesla's Model S sedan has a range of 270 miles and can be charged in less than an hour with their Supercharger.

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