The median home in Boise is priced at 600,000 dollars. Fortune calls the city the most overheated housing market in America.  Here in the Magic Valley things are only slightly better for interested buyers.  While I would enjoy living in a 3,000-square-foot house, I can get by with a considerably smaller space.  One of my coworkers recently wrote about tiny homes.  Almost at the very same time, I saw a story about Tesla manufacturing tiny homes for as little as 10,000 dollars.

Elon Musk is Building Tiny Homes

I did some more digging and came across a promotional video featuring Tesla founder Elon Musk.  Tesla will apparently offer models for up to 50,000 dollars and in a package that is easily assembled.  You would need a foundation or slab and water and sewer.  This business has already taken off in Australia.  We’ve got a similar climate and geography in much of southern Idaho.

Musk is marketing the homes as a means of saving the planet.  It’s not my primary goal.  I’m looking at the price. What can I get that I can afford and will the house survive wind season?  I gather you could also add some after-market features.  Such as a large wrap-around porch.

When I was a boy, my family dentist lived in a house that had been a prize on a game show called the 64,000 question.  It needed constant maintenance.  Judging by Musk’s attention to detail, I would gather that his homes will be solid and long-lasting.

I Can Only Use One Room at a Time

Once I find space for my books, I will be fine.  I figure I currently spend all my time at home in the kitchen, a living room chair, and a bed.  I remember there was a time just before my dad retired.  He was living in a big house on several acres of land and he had three cars and two trucks.  He could only drive one vehicle at a time and heated several empty rooms!  It’s simply not efficient.

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