I saw a post this morning that said Tesla was reducing prices because of sluggish sales.  It underscores some anecdotal evidence I referenced on my radio show.  After seeing a flurry of new electric vehicles on local streets six to eight months ago, I’m not seeing many more.  It’s as if people have realized owning an EV doesn’t quite match the marketing.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Europe is ahead of us when it comes to the green transition.  Two stories caught my attention in a British newspaper called The Sun.  You can read them here and here.

One man details his new EV running out of charge earlier than expected. Then it became an immovable object in the center of traffic.  Can you imagine that happening on the Interstate between Mountain Home and Ontario?  If you love your Tesla to the point that only death do you part, there’s an opportunity!

The second story is about an Uber driver who can’t find a place to charge.  Unless he sometimes waits overnight and it appears the waiting can become testy if not violent.

I’m sure the green gang will argue all we need are better batteries and more charging stations.  Who’ll pay for the latter?  When do you expect the former?

Is virtue signaling worth the hassle?

I can’t link to it because of the Wall Street Journal paywall, but a writer on the opinion page offered details this week about how the so-called green transition is just an attempt to snatch more of your liberties.  The outcome is simply going to be that only the wealthy will have automobiles.  The rest of us will never be able to travel far from home.  Modern-day serfdom.

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