Do the granola-gobbling liberals reading this ever question where the power for their EVs comes from?  Last month, a story broke in a San Francisco newspaper about the largest electric vehicle charging station in America.  It has 98 portals and is located in California.  Where else?  You can pass around some legalized dope with at least 97 others as you wait out a charge.

Cowboy State Daily did a follow-up story this week.

Better yet, it appears some of the electricity at the station is generated from diesel fuel.  No, say it isn’t so!  Liberals called the story clickbait but they didn’t deny the fossil fuel connection.  That’s because a spokesman for Tesla, which built the facility, didn’t deny the use of diesel.  He said the units used the same sources of power that other customers in California use.

While you mope on the left are virtue signaling about your shiny and expensive new EV, do you ever consider the source of electricity?  Of course, you don’t.  You’re in denial.  You ignore the truth that we can’t generate enough electricity to power a transition of our motor fleet.  We may be reaching the limit of our electricity generation.

A previous story I wrote mentioned the tires on EVs are caustic.  Giving off more toxins than anything being spewed by my internal combustion engine.  Before that, I wrote that you’re okay with child slave labor harvesting the cobalt for your green economy.  You’re also blocking domestic mining.  In a country where we’ve child labor laws.

It must gall you to be confronted with the facts by a conservative.  Your belief system is killing kids in Congo.  You’re sentencing your kids to a future of poverty and misery (if you haven’t already butchered them in the womb).  You’re killing birds, bats, and whales as you clamor for more giant pinwheels on the horizon.  You need to go sit in the corner and maybe the dunce cap will encourage some sanity on your part.

And to think that you and your fellow travelers plan to infect deep red Idaho with your pathology.

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