Twin Falls Police say they have arrested five people in connection with a bomb threat at the Twin Falls Walmart Store.  However, an investigation shows that the bomb threat was allegedly supposed to be used as a diversion to rob the Kimberly Road Subway restaurant. wal

The bomb threat was received by the police just after 1 a.m.  Monday.  Police responded to the Walmart Store and also to a pay phone on Kimberly Road where the call originated.  Near the pay phone police found five individuals who were all arrested on various charges stemming from possession of a concealed weapon without a permit to possession of a controlled substance.  The five arrested were 23 year old Cassius Reynolds, 19 year old Levi Hays, 21 year olf Terry Plew, 20 Katherine Plew and 19 year old Angel Estabrook.  The group was allegedly going to use the money for gambling.  Reynolds is charged with making the call and filing a false report.  No business was burglarized.  All five are awaiting arraignment this week.