The COVID 19 outbreak caused a lot of disruption in every day life. For high school athletes across the country, their sports seasons were either cut short or didn't happen at all. Subway and NFL Superstars have joined together to help those athletes get closer to their athletic dreams and goals.

Superstars like Marshawn Lynch and Keenan Allen are launching the Subway Pro Teen Awards to celebrate high school athletes across the country. From Friday January 15th through February 6th, high school football players, coaches, staff, friends, family are asked to submit video of those athletes still working hard trying to make their dreams come true.

Videos could be these athletes working hard on the off time, crazy tackles or insane runs they have done over the years. It could be amazing throws, epic kicks, hardest hits, whatever shows these athletes go above and beyond and have some amazing skills.

Winners will get a $1,500 scholarship from Subway plus a personalized video from Marshawn Lynch. How amazing would it be to have a Marshawn Lynch not only know your name but congratulate you!. There will also be a virtual ceremony for all the winners.

Winners will be voted on by the public and the athletes. Submit video here and good luck! We would love to see a Magic Valley athlete get some recognition they deserve.

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