Talk about a coincidence.  I was on the telephone with Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs.  After twenty minutes, the call ended and I went looking for something completely unrelated on YouTube.  I searched and was scrolling and saw an old unrelated video from Saturday Night Live.  I clicked on watch and what popped up?  A picture of the Twin Falls County Courthouse.  I sent the link to the Prosecutor (his office is on the top right of the picture) and he confirmed it was ours.

I haven’t watched Saturday Night Live regularly in 45 years.  I’ve been told it’s no longer funny, but I liked the sketch.  Even though it had nothing to do with Twin Falls County!

Does Someone at SNL Have an Idaho Connection?

So how did that picture get plucked to open the sketch?  Was there a writer on the show with an Idaho connection?

There are some 3,200 counties in the country.  Then you have multiple municipal courts and federal courthouses.  New York City is 2,347 miles from Twin Falls.

The Sketch is Funny!

I don’t believe the portrayal of a judge reflects on anyone locally.  Maybe the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is a better representation.  A court based in San Francisco, where they often act like monkeys when school children are on tour.

A couple of other things.  The video was posted two years ago.  The sketch could be older.  Does anyone recall when it first aired?  Two, can anyone tell us how the local courthouse was chosen?

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