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Thanks for the free commercial.  An angry Idaho liberal took some time to produce an 11-minute movie about me.  This is the ultimate act of any Karin.  After seeing that all the remaining liberals in Idaho had offered comments, I shared the video on three social media platforms and with friends.  It doubled her views.

I know producing a video is hard work, but let’s be honest.  Many liberals don’t have jobs and movie-making is a cool hobby.  To make life a little easier for their kind, I’ll keep producing material on this end and would be grateful if the political opposition could produce two or three complaint videos a week.

Oh, and could you also tell your fellow travelers where they can find my show and writings?  After all, you can’t be a good leftist if you aren’t walking around with some daily offense and permanent grudge.  Share our website as much as possible and please link to my latest posts.  I could help monetize some of the videos, even the satanic ones, by sharing details with my much larger audience.

Next Monday, I’m cashing a bonus check I received for the previous quarter.  The check is for the more than one million local page views I received.  I only worked three weeks in April and had already racked up 700,000 LPVs.

Finally, the video producer complains my stories keep cropping up in her newsfeed.  She has a choice of reading or ignoring what I write.  Like a moth to the light, she takes time out of her day and reads.  The truth is attractive.  You can see her post below.

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