He didn’t like Green Eggs and Ham.  Or did he?  Jackson read the story once and long ago during an appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.  When Dr. Seuss became this week’s cancel culture casualty, I remembered Jackson reading the story.  I was a college student in the 1980s when Jackson guest hosted the comedy series.  He played a game show host.  The program was called The Question Is Moot.  The gag was every question he asked was answered by himself.  With the line, “The question is moot!”  He ends up claiming the prize at the end.  Check out this link and you’ll recognize one of the contestants from a later role on another famous TV sitcom.

I’m not a Jackson fan but it made for some great television.

During the same episode of SNL, Jackson read the work from Dr. Seuss.  I’m not a Jackson fan but it made for some great television.

How did a book already long in print and never considered offensive is now being burned?  It’s a virtual burning.  A publisher says half-a-dozen books by the author won’t any longer be printed.  Can’t parents make their own decisions about what their kids read?  Universal’s theme park in Florida is pondering removing all Seuss themed exhibits.

Mass insanity spasms often culturally are brief.  The damage these purges cause can last for generations.  An old professor of mine used to tell us France never recovered from its infamous revolution.

If you’ve never seen Jackson’s reading of the children’s classic, it’s available on YouTube.  You can watch it below.  He does appear to enjoy the experience.

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