Twin Falls is a beautiful place and it isn't a secret. People come from all over the world to visit Twin Falls and jump from the Perrine Bridge and visit our many sights. Over the course of 2020 and a global pandemic, people continued to visit Twin Falls and post their videos on YouTube. I was surprised to look up the most viewed Twin Falls YouTube videos in 2020 and find that none of the top videos were BASE jumpers. In fact, the top 5 most viewed videos are a cornucopia of randomness. For the sake of keeping the videos interesting I'm going to omit videos that were posted by car dealerships. If car advertisement videos are something that brings you joy, you can still check them out on YouTube.

Rather than keep you waiting for the top video, let's go ahead and start with the most viewed Twin Falls video of 2020. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the most viewed video is about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affects people. Posted on the ONE Idaho channel, the video features the story of a coronavirus survivor from Twin Falls named Jason.

The second most viewed goes to local Realtor celebrity character, Stan Tobiason. Stan is known for his commercials, and maybe he knows that they aren't that great and that makes them even better. He actually had two on this list but we are only going to share this gem.

Truck driving simulator video games have become pretty popular and Twin Falls is one of the common locations you can drive. For some reason, 18,000 people thought this video was worth watching.

The first tourist video on the most-viewed list highlights the waterfalls in and around Twin Falls. Pretty weird when a truck driving video game video gets more views than the real life video.

Coming in last on our list is another tourist video where the posting party seems legitimately surprised that Twin Falls is a cool place.

Twin Falls Featured In Video Games

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