The Russians have hypersonic missiles.  Numerous news media outlets claim we don’t have the same capacity.  I find it hard to believe someone else has something we didn’t come up with first.  For instance, the Chinese wait for us to develop weapons and then simply buy the blueprints from some bureaucrat.

But for argument's sake, let’s say the Russians have an advantage.  Would they launch their arsenal?  I suppose if we get more deeply involved in Ukraine, it’s possible.  And because Joe Biden’s minders keep telling him, “Don’t touch that red one!”

A hypersonic missile wouldn’t be detected until it was a short distance off the coast of Seattle.  Targets in Idaho probably include Boise, Mountain Home Air Force Base, and the Idaho National Laboratory.  While much of the state could avoid some fallout, the survivors would likely be living a primitive existence and fighting over scraps.

I know of two spots in the Magic Valley where you could have a competitive advantage.  Let’s say you live near Amalgamated Sugar on the south side of Twin Falls.  There are often piles of sugar beets outside and in the event of the apocalypse, in the first days, nobody may be guarding them.  You’ll have an immediate food supply and it may already be microwaved!

Ritter Island would be another option.  There’s a ready supply of spring water pouring from the canyon walls.  You could blockade the narrow road or the bridge.  You would have enough water for multitudes and you could barter it for other goods.

So, see how lucky you are to live in southern Idaho!

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