During the Cold War, the United States military planted nuclear missiles across the western states.  These are spread out in some unlikely places and in some neighboring states.  Just in case our adversaries didn’t know where these still stand at the ready (and they likely mapped all sites long ago), the Washington Post is offering directions.

Click here to see a story from the paper about a missile being located on a Montana ranch.  The warhead makes the bomb dropped on Hiroshima look like a campfire.  If you consider Russia also has some very strong weapons, then the ranch would instantly be vaporized and damage would be spread out for miles on end.

Idaho is Target Rich

The very same adversaries are aware that many of our best nuclear minds are located just off Route 20 and west of Idaho Falls.  We would likely hear an explosion and possibly get a blast wave.  It would be stronger than the 60 to 70 mile per hour gusts we had last week.

At the Montana site, it’s possible the rocket would have been launched before its counterpart arrived.  This would be a shame because once the missile is gone there isn’t much of a threat out on what is known as open range.

There would go a perfectly good day.

Put the Bombs Away and Get on With Life

I’m hopeful more sober minds at the Kremlin, White House, and Pentagon can find a way down this apocalyptic ladder.  I’m an old guy and don’t have much life left but I would rather die quietly in my sleep versus radiation poisoning.

And I think of the young children.  I don't want one part of World War Three and they probably have the same thoughts.  Or they’re simply thinking of playgrounds, cartoons, and summer vacations.

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