Living near an airbase makes me feel secure.   While the drive to Mountain Home AFB would take me up to 90 minutes, the people who fly the skies can cover great distances of Southern Idaho in minutes and sometimes even seconds.

It chaps my bottom when Boise liberals complain about living near the base.  The Air Force presence was there long before the liberals arrived.  These people are akin to the city folks who buy a piece of country property and then complain about the smell of manure, which for many in Southern Idaho is the aroma of money.  As if the liberals didn’t pass the cattle as they were shopping for the country house?

It helps Airmen later defend us in the event of war.  Quite a noble exercise.

These people are now really going to freak out as the Air Force looks to fly supersonic speeds at lower altitudes over the high desert.  You can see the full story by clicking here.  It’s called rehearsal.  Or practice.  It helps Airmen later defend us in the event of war.  Quite a noble exercise.

Look, jet aircraft are noisy.  Many years ago a buddy got me into the VIP area at a Thunderbirds show.  He once was a member of the team (the older guys are known as Thundergeezers).  We were on a beach at Ocean City, Maryland and a pilot came low in a Harrier and hovered.  It was incredibly loud.  As were the passes over the city by the actual Thunderbirds.

I’m not aware anyone complained.  The crowd appeared delighted by the show.

What modern liberals really want is to eliminate the military.  Complaining about a base and noise is subterfuge.  They’ve got an incremental plan and just keep chipping away.

I accept some discomfort in the name of protecting our way of life.  It’s why most of the world wants to live here.  Liberals can always pack up and leave.  I’ll help load and push the back of the truck.  Do we have a deal?

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