It is always the government or aliens watching you and in this case it's both. Just kidding, I can't confirm that the aliens care about us yet. I can confirm that it is actually a type of tracking by the city though - thank goodness without any probes. I think we all guess that the black tubes or cable that lay across the streets are used for counting cars and that is correct. But, it isn't the full story.

It's actually way more complicated than I would have guessed. I've never seen just one tube laying across the road, unless you count when the second tube has come loose and no longer crosses the road, but when there is just one tube it is used for counting volume. That would be how many cars are using that road during the test. When there are two cables on the road it can be used to count volume, speed, and even the types/classification of the vehicles that travel the road. The info can also be broken down by date and time. This info can be used for future construction plans and may even be used by businesses or realtors in some areas.

In my skeptical head I assumed they were counting cars but also secretly speed trapping us and a hidden camera was catching those who trip the wires going too fast.

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