I noticed recently my cat, Tucker, is easily distracted.  O.K., O.K., more so than normal for a cat.  He’ll suddenly look down an empty hallway with a laser stare.

Some claim our pets can see apparitions

This can last from a few seconds to a few minutes.  I’m reminded of some videos I’ve watched where cats and dogs appear riled by something in a room or outside when it appears nothing is there.  Some claim our pets can see apparitions.

Ghosts are not something I readily accept, however.  A few tales from my past.  One afternoon I was napping on the couch when I was startled awake by pounding on the walls.  I scrambled up and looked around.  Nobody was inside or outside.

When my daughter was little I went looking for her one afternoon in the house.  I looked far down the hallway and thought I saw her race across the master bedroom.  Then I heard a “tap, tap, tap,” from a computer keyboard, turned right and saw her writing in the office.  I went into the bedroom and there wasn’t any sign of other children.  Later we learned from a neighbor there had been reported sightings of a little girl throughout town for many years.

At a nearby pumpkin farm my daughter took a picture of a field.  It appeared there was an apparition of the Virgin Mary.  A friend at a science museum explained it was “chromatic aberration”.  The farmer thought otherwise, explaining customers had often seen strange things around his fields and barns.

Considering Idaho’s history of miners, explorers and pioneers you understand not all met kindly fates.  What have you witnessed and what do you believe you’re seeing?

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