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There’s a growing belief that the world’s future energy needs will come from fission or fusion.  Nuclear power has long been the bogeyman of the left, environmentalists and some conservatives conditioned by mainstream media.  Some rare accidents have given the impression nuclear power is a mortal threat.

It Keeps the Lights On!

I’m not sure the people of Arco, Idaho feel that way.  It was almost 70 years ago that the community became the first place in North America to be powered by atomic energy.  This weekend, history is celebrated with the annual Atomic Days festival.  I’ve been there.  It was a great party!  The parade itself is short.  I watched it while in the checkout line at a store.  It ended before I walked outside.  Then the real fun begins.  Everyone heads for the bigger celebration at the park.

I also used the opportunity for a visit to Pickle’s Place café.  One of the most unusual decors in restaurant history is at one end of town.

The Number Reads 666!

On the other side of the street is a monument to the nuclear Navy, including undersea submarines.  Despite the number on the side of the tower, I’m not aware that the Navy has ever had an accident involving fuel.

This small town along Route 20 in Idaho is the past, the present, and the future!

The celebration begins Friday.  Saturday is parade day.  There’s also a road race for the young and health-conscious.  It’s worth the drive from anywhere in southern and eastern Idaho.  The desert scenery is magnificent.

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