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YouTube screen capture.
YouTube screen capture.

We can’t lose our sense of humor. Sure, there’s not much good news when you’re buying gas or groceries and we’re being told the worst is ahead.  I was driving past several gas stations on the way to work this morning.  My car kept hiccupping as we passed each set of pumps.  At work, I was pouring my first and increasingly expensive cup of coffee when I suddenly remembered one of my favorite movies.  It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World is one of the greatest comedies ever made and with perhaps the greatest ensemble of comedians ever assembled.

My favorite scene?  Jonathan Winters single-handedly destroyed a gas station.  Winters had been a Marine.  He was a big, burly presence on-screen.  The two characters playing the service station owners have been told Winters' character is insane by a con man played by Phil Silvers.  They try and restrain the big man.  What ensues is the best slapstick routine since Three Stooges.

As a boy, I loved this movie.  I became a Jonathan Winters fan for life.  Now I’m going to go home and watch it on streaming.  I need an escape.

Those of us who survived the COVID threat often found ourselves battling strange dreams.  Now the pending economic threat could be a long-standing contagion.  Comedy is a good tonic.

I’ll post a trailer and another video below.  For young people who’ve never seen the movie, it could be a treat.  You’ll also get to see some cars that are now considered classics.

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