How does this end?

Credit Bill Colley.
Credit Bill Colley.

With Donald Trump returning to the White House on January 20th, 2025.

You lefties can yelp all you want about how good the U.S. economy is.  Five bucks a gallon for gas won’t get your guy another term.  You can say it’s beyond his control, but in previous posts, I’ve pointed out big oil can’t do exploration with a lengthy permitting process that may fail.  Big oil won’t do it because old Joe promises they’ll be out of business by 2030.

Now, the Marxist President of Mexico, who has been pushing around Biden on the open border, is taking another bite out of supply.  This morning, a friend told me he received a text from a buddy in California.  Regular there is selling for more than seven dollars a gallon for regular.

You Bidenites must know high gas prices and national humiliation sank Jimmy Carter, and he was a much better guy than the fool currently in the White House.

I watched a video this morning.  A liberal talk show host made it clear to a fellow traveler that wishful thinking won’t save the party of amnesty, amnesia, and abortion.

People vote for their financial interests.  If the inept fellow can’t get the job done…

I guess that the haughty leadership among the Democrats will continue screaming at voters, in the belief that will work.  Really?  Like any of them like it when I call them names.  The difference is, that I’m not looking to convert them.  I’m hoping they stay stupid through early November.

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