With recent information stating the demise of the DVD within the next 5 years, it comes as a big surprise to me that the majority of Americans still own a VCR. In fact, more people own a VCR than gaming systems like Xbox and PlayStation (only 41% of people say they have a video game system), 58% of Americans say they still have a VCR. That doesn't mean they have it hooked up, but they still have it for some reason.

While the information is surprising - it does make sense...if you have children! There have been multiple times in my house where we have purchased a DVD and only watched it once before the destructive hands of a child got to it. We actually had a Barbie DVD that we bought for my daughter. We let her hold the case on the way home from the store and by the time we got home she had opened the case and chewed on the disc (she was 4 at the time!) so she never got to watch that show. In cases like this it makes sense to have a VCR since tapes are a bit more durable than discs.

Via Gallup

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