I took a DNA test.  I purchased it from one of the big players in the industry, filled the vial, and then dropped it in the mail.

by the way, Scotch is a drink, the people are Scots

When results arrived several weeks later there weren’t many surprises.  Irish is my largest block of ancestry.  Then some Scots from my mother’s side of the family and some German stock from my dad’s people.  What caught me off guard was 19 percent Scandinavian and 2 percent Caucasus Mountains.

Months later I read where many people were getting the Scandinavian results and this had become a problem.  And I watched a TV show about how there’s little difference between Irish, Scottish (by the way, Scotch is a drink, the people are Scots) and English DNA.

A year passed and I got an update.  My Scandinavian ancestors had vanished and my forbearers are even more Irish than I suspected.

As for Elizabeth Warren, she made a major miscalculation!  One bigger than made by the people examining my spit.

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