The “zigzag” on Shoshone Street is nearing its end of days.  The city is going to eliminate it when we get a lighter period of traffic.  Not long after it launched, I heard one public official heap scorn on the pattern.  “Who had that hair-brained idea,” he asked another public official.  It wasn’t an insult.  It was half in jest.  It wasn’t popular from the start, late last year. 

It wasn’t popular from the start, late last year.

Yet, I have a different view.  It was a good-faith attempt at remedying a growing problem.  Downtown Twin Falls is busy.  Much more beyond what any of the original planners envisioned.

A few weeks ago, on another thread, I suggested we’ve got plenty of complainers but really need some input from the public.

When I was a little boy, my dad was a negotiator for his union.  Guys who never attended a meeting, nor shared any concerns, would approach him after a contract was ready for ratification.  “What did you get us?” they would ask.  “Where have you been?” was a response he wanted to offer.

Are there traffic tie-ups in Twin Falls?  You bet!  Got some ideas?  Share them with the City Council.

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