We all know about the Ivy league schools and probably know about a lot of other colleges across the country due to their sports or academic programs. But, just knowing about these schools doesn't really mean much in the real world. Especially since you have a better chance of scoring a job from an unknown school than from the easily recognized ones. According to a Zippia study, and glancing over their infomap, it looks like most of the colleges that are most likely to score you a job are the smaller state colleges and specialized universities.

Credit: Zippia Best State College

The only really outstanding name in the states around us is Gonzaga in Washington. I only know of them because they consistently make a good showing in the March Madness games. Otherwise, the best colleges around us are small locations named after the state. Even in Idaho your best college to attend and get a job afterwards is the College of Idaho in Caldwell. It isn't CSI, BSU, or ISU - it's the small college outside our biggest city and only enrolls about 1,100 students. The College of Idaho boasts a 90 percent employment rate!