Have you ever been to Moyie Falls? For many, that answer would be "no" since it's way up yonder in the parts of Idaho that even Idaho people don't get to. But, I can prove that it's much prettier when there's lots of water going over it, which is what's happening now.

First, here's a frightening map of what a drive to Bonners Ferry would look like.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Anytime you are told to drive through half of Oregon to get to an Idaho place, it's too far. But, if you find yourself being held captive there, there are worse things to see than Moyie Falls. It looks like you're in Yellowstone National Park and that's a very good thing.

It's especially pretty now that we have all that extra winter melt going on. And, YouTube person Esther Jackson was kind enough to record a video of it and share.

Unlike Shoshone Falls, which most of us can drive to in 5 minutes, thought it might be fun to see how our neighbors in the far north of Idaho are doing with their water. According to this video, they're just fine.

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