The time of year is quickly coming when we will no doubt hear of the death of a child or dog after being left in a car in the summer heat. It really does only take a few minutes for a warm car to become a broiling car. A few years ago I took it upon myself to test the effects of a hot car and to see how quickly it really does heat up. News flash: it heats up fast and it was a nauseating heat. My thermometer I was using to monitor the heat only went up to around 120 degrees so it couldn't register hot enough to keep up with the interior temperature of the truck.

Please, if you are planning on leaving your pet in the car while you shop or visit a friend, leave the pet home instead. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter recently posted about the dangers and temperature changes that happen in a parked car under the summer sun.

On a good note, a lovely dog with special needs was adopted quickly from the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Blue was a deaf and injured dog that had been hit by a car but now lives in a loving home. Good job and thanks to all those willing to adopt the shelter pets!