We all know it’s a self-evident truth about country music fans.  They’re atheists, liberals and engage in alternative lifestyles, right?

no member of the U.S. Senate has a Vitamin D deficiency greater than Chuck Schumer

I guess that explains the CMA’s snub of the Reverend Mr. Mike Huckabee.  The Baptist minister and former Governor of Arkansas chose not to contest his appointment to the board of the Country Music Association.  Huckabee is also a musician and has performed on stage with homosexuals but they don’t want him on a music panel.  Got it?

I’m waiting on a statement from the Democrat National Committee on Dreamers in South Africa.  The DNC should frown upon the ANC (African National Congress), which is going to seize land from white farmers to appease a mostly black electorate.  The whites are descendants of colonists who settled in the area centuries ago.  They were born in modern South Africa and started farming through no fault of their own.  Perhaps we could re-settle them as refugees in the United States, however.  They’re white and Christian and might support Governor Huckabee.

Speaking of white, no member of the U.S. Senate has a Vitamin D deficiency greater than Chuck Schumer.  The flaccid Minority Leader is about as pale as you can get.  He’s now objecting to judicial appointments because of the color of skin.  Pale judges apparently are white devils who’ll enslave minorities and swing from a tree any person-of-color who’ll dare to speak out-of-turn.  Does this mean Schumer should surrender his cushy seat on Capitol Hill?

Finally, a new chart is out delineating your news choices.  I’m not arguing whole heartedly against the graph.  I’m well aware Fox News is to the right of MSDNC.  But calling Newsmax extreme?  It’s staffed by all of the old parlor conservatives from the 1990s.  The old talking heads who get columns at the New York Times and Washington Post because they’re considered acceptable at liberal dinner parties.  Could it be liberals created the chart?  I mean, it places CNN just a smidgen left of moderate, whatever moderate defines.  Caspar Milquetoast, I guess?

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