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Fox News Just Fired Bill O'Reilly
In a move that many thought would never, could never happen, Fox News has decided to cut ties with Bill O'Reilly, the network's biggest star for 21 years and host of the highest-rated show in cable news, 'The O'Reilly Factor.'
The Cowardice of Barack Obama (Opinion)
When liberals tell you diversity makes us stronger they can’t provide any evidence.  When they claim criticizing Islam makes the enemy stronger they can’t cite real evidence.  These are the same people who insist on settled science when it comes to climate a…
Commentary: Donald Trump & the New Political Epoch
Ronald Reagan didn’t like the role of a villain.  Late in his acting career he got the part of a nasty crime boss.  In the picture his character slaps a woman played by Angie Dickinson.  Dickinson brushed it off as part of the job but says for many years whenever she s…