A simple Google search on Boise and you can see what we’re all talking about: housing costs.  With so many people moving here for a simpler, safer and more cost-effective place to live, its making the life of the native Idaho homeowner more complicated and expensive.  One option that some people are embracing is the tiny home movement.  I didn’t really understand the appeal of living in such small spaces until recently.  It was watching one of those shows on HGTV that made me see that you could still live in a nice space even if it didn’t have a lot of square footage.  Living in Idaho means making use of the great outdoors, so why not try living small.  Here are three tiny homes that caught my eye that are currently for sale: 

The Arion - $88,620

This one is cool because not only does it have a bunch of features that you would want in your regular sized home, but it even has a rooftop deck!  It has two bedrooms, two lofts and a bathroom with a flushing toilet.  It’s 208 square feet, so you can even have company! 

The Carpatian - $74,495

This one is actually built for entertaining and is pretty big... for a tiny house!  It’s 350 square feet with a big kitchen and living room.  Two bedrooms, one loft, three slideouts, and one bathroom, complete with flushing toilet.   

Hobbit House - $49,000

Maybe living in a tiny home makes you feel like you’re living in a Hobbit Hole, so why not theme your tiny house as a Hobbit Hole!  It’s a cozy 160 square feet but has a cool kitchen and bathroom. 


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