Why not go to Home Depot and buy a tool shed?  Then drop it in the woods.  I came across a property listing in the area near Alturas, California.  Please don’t ask me how, but homes crop up frequently on my Instagram page.  It's fun to look at, but usually too rich for my blood.  It reminds me of when I was a kid.  My brother and I would cut pictures of cars out of magazines.  We were in grade school and we dreamed of owning those cars.

Find the Details Below

I read the cabin details listed and looked it up on Zillow.  I realize it’s located in California, but 62,500 dollars?  A friend from California told me Alturas was the only place he knew colder than his current home in Camas County, Idaho.  He had 14 below zero one morning over the weekend.

You realize this tiny cabin would then primarily be a summer getaway.  You won’t have many amenities.  I can’t imagine my daughter spending more than a few hours in a place like the one listed.  She never liked overnighting at KOA, because there wasn’t any TV or Internet.  Though, she was fine once the sun set and we roasted marshmallows.

Homes are Getting Smaller

Over the weekend, I saw a story about smaller homes.  Not tiny homes, but homes 1,300 to 1,400 square feet now going up in many parts of the country.  Builders realize many people can no longer afford a house over 2,000 square feet, but a 200 square foot garden shed?

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