An old bus rests in a field outside downtown Mountain Home, Idaho.  I snapped a picture and then posted it to my personal Facebook page and suggested it was affordable housing.  I got some funny replies and some were simply sad.

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I’m actually quite serious about affordable housing.  There are hundreds of online videos devoted to people who’ve renovated old buses to serve as recreational vehicles or as permanent homes.  The old beasts are often inexpensive and for people willing to perform most of the repairs and changes on their own, it can be quite the cost-saving approach.

While I don’t know the history of the large coach in Mountain Home, from a distance it looks to be in decent shape.

People are looking at all sorts of alternatives as the cost of traditional homes remains beyond the reach of many.  People are converting and expanding old garden sheds.  Others use shipping containers as customized living spaces.  An old coworker lives in a yurt, which he says is always toasty in winter and can easily be moved.

Old buses also share the advantage of movement.  If registered for the road, you can take your house with you if you change jobs.  Some can house small families or would be most ideal for a couple or someone who is single.  After all, once you have a TV, shower, bed, and refrigerator, what more do you need?

Bookshelves?  Maybe that’s the use of an old garden shed, which you could erect next to your bus for extras, tools, and any lawn care gear.

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