'Tis the season for the crackle of a nice warm fire. I'm not talking about a dumpster fire or even an epic Idaho lake-side bonfire. I'm talking about being cozy on the couch at home next to a nice fire in your fireplace.

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There are a lot of different looks to in-home fireplaces. Some are a basic brick base and surround, others incorporate tile for a cleaner look. Others add in a custom mantle or surrounding shelves. Then there are those that seem to take their design from ancient architecture plans to give the hearth an almost gaudy look and some throw in a metal insert. But they all serve the same purpose, to heat a home and look good while doing it.

Not every house in Twin Falls is lucky enough to have a fireplace, which I find odd. I lived in a few different houses in Las Vegas before moving here and every house had a fireplace. We never used them though because it was never cold enough like here in Idaho.

If you are on the market for a home and a fireplace is on your list of must-haves, or you have a fireplace now in need of an update. Check out the pictures below for some of the options out there.

Fireplaces For The Holidays

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