(KLIX)-Motor vehicle traffic fatalities are up across the nation. The National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration has released its estimates for the first quarter
of the year. According NHTSA deaths are up 13.5% for the beginning of the year,
January through March. That’s an estimated 7,630 who have died as a result of a
traffic accident. In 2011 6,720 people died. How does Idaho fit in? An Idaho
Transportation spokesperson  says they
expect state fatalities to continue a downward trend. ITD’s data is compiled
yearly and not quarterly, so the 2012 figures won’t be out until next year. Since
2007 traffic fatalities in Idaho have gone down from 218 in 07 to 152 in 2011. Now
according to the NHTSA data the yearly fatality rate has gone down since 2005. Previous
first quarter estimates have all indicated a decrease in fatalities since 2006.

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