Southern Idaho might be made up of primarily desert landscapes, but the concentration of natural waterfalls and springs in the region is uniquely ample. While Twin Falls is credited with driving the most tourists to the area annually with landmarks such as the Perrine Bridge and Shoshone Falls, cities such as Hagerman and Wendell also offer highly desirable beauty.

It's possible to get in your car on any given day and visit dozens of Twin Falls springs and waterfalls within 30 minutes of one another. Perrine Coulee Falls, Shoshone Falls, and Auger Falls are some of the most popular to visit. When I'm in the mood to surround myself with this type of natural beauty, I tend to head northwest toward Hagerman and Wendell.

Thousand Springs State Park is one of my favorite areas to visit in all of southern Idaho. Driving the paved and dirt roads that line the canyon offering stunning views of sites such as Ritter Island, Malad Gorge, Hardy Box Canyon Spring Nature Preserve, and others, is worth the trip out to the area alone.

Niagara Springs and Crystal Springs are both found within the parameters of Thousand Springs State Park. The trails, waterfalls, creeks, and natural below-ground springs that are abundant in this region of Idaho offer spectacular views that are every bit as impressive as the sites that draw hundreds of thousands of tourists to Twin Falls annually.

Whether you enjoy bird-watching, kayaking, hiking, or just want to have a family barbeque with some outdoor games, the surrounding landscape of Thousand Springs offers all of it.

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