The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is continuously full and struggling with an abundance of animals in the shelter. Recently, they stated they were getting a lot of owner-surrendered animals and they have been unable to house them all. They are begging you not to euthanize or abandon the animal when they can't take them.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter stated on their social media that they are struggling to accept owner-surrendered animals. They stated that they are already overcrowded with strays, pets up for adoption, and runaways. Their biggest concern is that some of those pet owners are telling the shelter to euthanize them anyway, stating they will shoot the animal if they don't take them, or just letting them go.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter gave one example of a person who tried to surrender their dog, but the shelter was unable to take the pet, and then it showed up at the shelter by itself as a "runaway". We honestly do not know all the details about that situation, it could be a legitimate mistake that the animal got out and ended up at the shelter.

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The Twin Falls Animal Shelter will take owner surrenders but they do it by appointment and they are booked out for weeks. They are asking that you hold on to the pet until they can get the surrender scheduled.

I have heard that it can be difficult to adopt from the Twin Falls Animal Shelter and that surrendering an animal there can be even harder. I don't know on a personal basis. However, I can imagine it would be hard for animal shelter employees to hear people say that if they do not take the animal they will euthanize them themselves.

If you are looking to add a special friend to your home, you may want to consider adopting. Adopt don't shop is something I am very passionate about, though I do not judge. As long as animals get a good loving home, that is what really matters. I wish I knew a good alternative to this situation.

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