According to Nielsen’s latest Social Media Report, Americans spent over 53 billion minutes on Facebook in May- yep Billions of minutes. Facebook is our favorite social media site to be spending/investing/wasting so much of our time, although we do like other site as well. Nielsen said Americans spent 724 million on Blogger, 656 million minutes on Twitter and 326 million minutes on LinkedIn. Penning snarky updates and uploading flattering photos reflecting way more fun than was actually had, coupled with keeping tabs on family, friends and ex-high school flames we shouldn’t stalk anymore easily accounts for hours flushed down the drain. You could always pledge to sign-off but we know the servers at Google will freeze over before that happens. Since you’re going to be on Facebook anyway (a lot) here are five Facebook pages you should give the thumbs up.

  • Twin Falls Farmers Market

    Twin Falls Farmers Market

    Looking for a local pumpkin patch that provides tours for elementary students or searching for organic apples? Maybe you want to know how to make mustard or need tips on canning fresh peaches. Simply post your question on the Twin Falls Farmers Market Facebook page and friendly members will either know the answer or point you in the right direction. Of course, the page will also advertise the upcoming market itself, which takes place from 9a.m. to 1p.m., Saturdays through harvest and depending on weather, on North College Road across from the College of Southern Idaho Expo Building.

  • Twin Falls Schools

    Twin Falls Schools

    Keep a streaming tab of exciting news from all of the schools within the Twin Falls School District in your Facebook by liking the Twin Falls School page. In addition to recent articles and broadcast news clips, the page includes reminders for when the kids won’t be in school. Snow days? The district will post those alerts on the page and you’ll be among the first parents to know! Special events, from band concerts to football game and fundraisers will also be updated on the page so you can support the entire district, not just the school your student attends.

  • Magic Mountain Ski Resort

    Magic Mountain Ski Resort

    From October until the snow thaws in late spring, Magic Mountain Ski Resort will be filled with folks the Magic Valley. Like their page and you’ll be aware that the mountain transforms into The Haunted Forest at Magic Mountain Resort, through Halloween. After the spooky holiday, the resort prepares for skiers, snowboarders, tubers and other snow enthusiasts to hit the slopes. Their updates are sure to get you in the mood for trampling through a corn maze and then loading up the family, taking a drive south of Hansen and getting lost in the forest. If only the resort would let you stay until ski season! Keeping apprised of their Facebook page is a great way to know how fresh the powder is, how long the lines are and what the latest deals are in the pro shop.

  • Idaho Department of Agriculture

    Idaho Department of Agriculture

    Did you know that in addition to a variety of wine grapes the state of Idaho is a great place for growing table grapes? Idaho’s temperatures allow for larger grapes to grow here than in California. If you were following the IDA’s Facebook page, you’d already know that juicy fact. Plus, you’d be keen on the fact that the plump fruits’ harvest is underway. Want more information on where to buy locally grown grapes? It’s there, too. Other recent updates include tidbits on Hagerman Valley melons and putting together a football game tailgate party menu using locally grown ingredients-and where to find them. This page makes our Top 5 because it is very consumer friendly and updates are fun and always informative.

  • Seize the Deal

    Seize the Deal

    Spend $10 for $20 haircut? How about saving 50 percent for 9-holes of golf? If that sounds like a great deal than you’ll love Seize the Deal. From dining to haircuts, to spa treatments and salon discounts, Seize the Deal offers one incredible online deal every single day. Here’s how it works- Seize the Deal uses The Power of the Group, the deal is only good if the minimum number of people of buy the deal. If the minimum isn’t reached the deal is off. No one is charged, but no one saves, either. By liking Seize the Deal you not know what the deal is every day but you can keep watch on if the minimum amount of purchases have been met and leverage social media when necessary. If you know you’ve snagged a fantastic bargain on hair highlights, your girlfriend will, too. Why not use Facebook to help her Seize the Deal?