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Climbing Mount Borah
I love Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman but, I am a little upset that I have to actually do something with my life because of the "Bucket List".
Worst Traffic Lights In Twin Falls – Our Top Five
Twin Falls has its fair share of bad traffic lights, and heading into summer construction will only makes things worse. Based on your suggestions, we shared some of the worse stop lights around Twin Falls. See if your least favorite made his list...
Christmas Lights Map
One of the best things to do around Christmas is load the family into the car and drive around town to check out all of the incredible Christmas lights around the Magic Valley.
Need a Last-Minute Costume?
Halloween is almost here. If you haven't decided on a costume yet, it's crunch time. Here are the top 5 shops in Twin Falls where you can pull together a great last minute costume.
Top 10 News Radio 1310 KLIX Stories of 2011
2011 was an interesting news year in Idaho and around the world. Astronomers found the first Earth sized planet that orbits its star in the "Goldilocks" area that could result in liquid water, there was a hostage situation and murder at a hotel in Twin Falls, and a heroic crowd lifted a bu…
Twin Falls’ Best Facebook Pages–Our Top Five
According to Nielsen’s latest Social Media Report, Americans spent over 53 billion minutes on Facebook in May- yep Billions of minutes. Facebook is our favorite social media site to be spending/investing/wasting so much of our time, although we do like other site as well. Niel...
Tips For Enjoying The Twin Falls County Fair—Our Top Five
The Twin Falls County Fair is on now through Monday, September 5th. We wanted to give tips straight from the horse's mouth, so we spoke to those in the know: merchants, fairgoers, and officials. Whether you come for the corn dogs and stay to watch the cowboys and bucking broncs, the Twin Falls …

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