On Friday June 18th, the Twin Falls County Commissioners will be conducting a public hearing to consider restricting shooting in the area known as Indian Springs. The meeting will be at 10 a.m.

What is Indian Springs

So Indian Springs is toward the South Hills and there are lots of places to hike, bike and ride horses. It is also a popular recreational shooting area as there are a few places that you can get far enough away to sight in rifles and there are good back drops. On Friday the Twin Falls County Commissioners are considering restricting it.

The County Commissioners Meeting

The meeting will be on Friday at 10 am where the commissioners will hold a public hearing at 630 Addison Ave W. Don Hall, Jack Johnson and Brent Reinke are the Twin Falls County Commissioners in case you were not aware.

The reason they are considering it

There is a consideration to restrict the shooting because it can be considered dangerous. Some shooters don't use the proper etiquette and it can be dangerous for those hiking, mountain biking or riding their horses. There are not a ton of places to shoot it gets full pretty fast. I like to go shooting out there, especially since the restrictions across the canyon on the Jerome side where there is shooting, ATV riding and trails.

Meeting Information:

Again, Friday June 18th at 10 am at 630 Addison Ave W is the public hearing if you would like to attend. The phone number is 208-736-4087

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