Are we supposed to have police make arrests based on ethnicity?  After the Twin Falls Police Department announced on Facebook it had been arrested in a shooting outside Target, one viewer replied that police were out to get black people:

I’m trying to figure out how the only black kid out their is being charged and is consider been arm and dangerous this is not adding up.

I’m not sure I understand the logic here.  There were multiple witnesses to the argument that led up to the shooting.  Someone may have even given detectives a name.  By late Thursday, an arrest had been made in Boise.

You always have to qualify statements in our current moment, so I’ll note crimes are committed by people from all ethnic backgrounds.  However, check out these statistics.  Should we demand that Caucasians commit more crimes to balance the percentages?  Would that make liberals feel better?

I need to also point out that Twin Falls Police haven’t given out many details about the shooting victim, who will recover, thankfully.  Maybe he was black.  Or Latino or a member of an indigenous tribe.  The percentage of minorities who are victims of violent crimes is staggeringly high.  And I don’t care that someone may talk nasty to you.  It doesn’t give you cause to shoot them.  Now, if investigators determine the man arrested was threatened by someone else with a weapon, it could result in reduced charges.  It’s early and we know none of these things yet.  Even if you’re defending yourself and shooting someone, police are still likely to bring you in as things get sorted out.

Lastly, I hope the complaints from liberals aren’t part of what we’re seeing on the West Coast.  Where it appears being robbed or assaulted is considered some means of reparations.  I read a story last week in the Wall Street Journal.  A staggering three-quarters of Americans have no ancestors stretching back to the time of slavery.  If anyone is going to pay, it’s not going to be determined by vigilante justice.

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