A prominent Southern Idaho Republican told me members of the Twin Falls City Council were tone deaf.  It was shortly after Twin Falls County approved a resolution restating a commitment to federal and state constitutions.  The city hadn’t exactly rejected the idea.  There were some issues with some members of council over the language.  The word “sanctuary” makes many shudder.  It represents lawlessness in some coastal enclaves.

When it arrived, they approved.  No harm, no foul.

I’ll admit there wasn’t anything formally presented to the city at the time.

Then followed a large and peaceful rally in support of the Second Amendment at City Hall Commons.  The next day, Forrest Andersen had visits from three members of local governments.  Two were council members.  Andersen was one of the co-organizers of the rally.

City elections are non-partisan affairs.  Candidates don’t declare a political party.  Most members of the Twin Falls City Council are Republicans.  I know this because I see them at party events.  The party member offering thoughts on being tone deaf was remarking members of the city board had failed to gauge a strong political wind.

Passing the resolution brings nobody any political harm.  The vote Monday was unanimous.  I know all seven councilors and none of them have any objections stating their constitutional fealty.  This is a good story.  Maybe they didn’t immediately catch the breeze but as Councilman Craig Hawkins explained, they needed a proposal.  Something in writing.  When it arrived, they approved.  No harm, no foul.  If you see any of the seven on the street today, offer a thank you!


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