We’ll never know how many Israeli lives would’ve been saved if the population had been armed to the teeth, but we can guess it would’ve made the animals think twice before the attack.  Or they would’ve left a lot more of their own behind and rotting along the roads.

It’s often said the Japanese refrained from attempts to invade the United States in World War two because the enemy knew our people were armed to the teeth.

Joe Biden and Eric Swalwell can bloviate about taking you out domestically with nuclear bombs or F-15s, but their stupidity underscores the need to be vigilant about evil.  Biden’s a vegetable and Swalwell wouldn’t have the brains to pour piss from a boot!  And your little sister could whip the latter in a fight.

Some in the Israeli government are looking to arm their people.  With heavy arms.  Maybe the illiterates serving as Hamas foot soldiers would still make attempts to behead babies, but a screaming loon with a sword is no match for a simple AR-15.

There’s a Second Amendment rally in Boise on the 14th.  Details are below.  Our open southern border (and to an extent the northern line) has been a conduit for potential terrorists.  An armed America is a far better place than a disarmed country.  Better to dispatch terrorists straight to hell.

Just keep in mind, that our censorious media and the deep state are becoming increasingly totalitarian.  We often have two domestic enemies.  Our founders foresaw the situation.  Your right to defend yourself is a God-given right.  One we share with our Israeli friends.

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