First, gun ownership likely ensures we won’t lose our right to vote.  Second, I saw a map on Instagram.  It purports to show states where people would give up the vote before guns if they were forced to make a choice.  I did some online sleuthing and found there are some who doubt an actual poll was carried out.

However, the map does show what you could expect if there was such a survey.  California, New York, and assorted socialist paradises would give up their guns.  If they even have any.  People who believe the government can make decisions for them believe if they can only elect the right people that they’ll gain security.  These are the same servile personalities that cowed to the COVID regime.  Then demanded you do the same.

With political parties awash in big money, the needs of regular Americans get the shaft.  The handful of independent candidates rarely have the money to break through.  Or if they do, it’s because of personal wealth and they’re often denounced as looking out for personal interests.

I looked over some additional maps and one gives the impression Idaho is among the top five states where gun rights reign supreme.  I’m not surprised.  It’s cultural.  People here are bold, unlike the field mice that populate liberal enclaves.

My belief is that a heavily armed public could make it very difficult for anyone to even suggest the ballot was being taken away.  In a sense, your firearms are your vote.  In the modern age, it may do more to keep the government honest than any election.

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