I came across a heartwarming story from Twin Falls Firefighters.  There are several organizations looking to provide for a growing needy population in Southern Idaho and the firefighters’ union local is involved with one.  You can see details in the Facebook post above.  I’m also including the link for Avenues for Hope, which you can see by clicking here.

Winter boots and socks.  School supplies and sometimes even a much needed meal.

There are many people in this city currently suffering through no fault of their own.  Coronavirus and government response left some destitute.  Some haven’t worked in months.

While there are some adults who are poor because of bad decisions, the children aren’t responsible for the actions of Mom and Dad.  As the firefighters explain, there’s a need not only for toys among many kids, but also for things many of us take for granted.  Winter boots and socks.  School supplies and sometimes even a much needed meal.

If I could also make one last plea from our four radio stations.  We need toys for children.  Because Christmas in the Nighttime Sky was a casualty of this terrible pandemic year, we didn’t get the large contributions of previous years.  Admission has always been a toy.

We’ve been asking people to drop off toys at various locations but have a hard deadline next week.  Our radio stations are one of those depots.  We’re located at 415 Park Avenue.  A cross street between South Washington Street and Blue Lakes Boulevard.  I would say our deadline is reasonably Monday the 14th because collection will likely then take place at some juncture Tuesday.



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