I’m proud to be civilized.

Council is considering a kumbaya moment

This morning in an effort to let everyone know I’m up for a group hug I posted a welcome sign on my studio door.  Not only am I thrilled doing my part for world peace and harmony but I beat the Twin Falls City Council to the finish line.  Council is considering a kumbaya moment and if the majority approves similar signs will be posted at the edges of town.  Visiting dope dealers frequenting flea bag motels on Addison Avenue will now get a warm feeling in Twin Falls (although, it could just be they’re sampling their own product).

While mainstream media tells you the welcoming designation was the idea of the Boy Scouts of America it’s not the case.  One liberal Scout Master conjured it up and now wants everyone to teach the world to sing.  The regional Boy Scout Council isn’t sanctioning the effort but I’m sure reporters didn’t have the time to ask deeper questions.  They were too busy drinking the Kool-Aid.

As for welcoming, I’ve supplied some stunning visuals to show how appealing Twin Falls is for any newcomer.

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