Conniving Colorado liberals are dumping a big problem on their neighbors. Utah Governor Spencer Cox says he’s learned Denver is rounding up illegal aliens and shipping them to his state.  Cox is a moderate Republican, in the past telling high school students his preferred pronouns.  He can also tell which way the political wind is blowing.  There are now more Catholics in Salt Lake City than there are members of the LDS Church.  It’s because of the region's large Latino population.  But many of those people came legally in recent decades.  Now we’re seeing illegal crossers dumped on the streets.

This may explain similar sightings in Idaho.

Denver’s liberals prided themselves on being a sanctuary city.  Virtue signaling was fun before 40,000 illegal aliens arrived and set up tent enclaves.

If you believed liberals were fine with illegal aliens, they are until being directly confronted by the cost and crime.  Not in my backyard is a liberal slogan.  Remember Lefty’s reaction on Martha’s Vineyard?

It’s like the wind turbine crowd.  They promote defiling your landscape but fight doggedly when their view could be despoiled.

A liberal once told me we needed to raise taxes.  I replied that he could pay my share.  He insisted that it only worked if I shared the burden.  When it comes to illegal immigrants, they now want us to do the same.  The thing is, your guy in the White House is the one who invited them over my objections.  If you crap in your playpen, I’m not responsible.

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