Meet Caiti and Kelsi Fadness of NickNervous, an indie folk/pop band from right here in Twin Falls. They stopped in on The Morning Show with Brad & Jackie recently and performed live. We were blown away.

The Fadness sisters grew up in Twin Falls, in a musically inclined family. Their parents both have a rich musical history.

One of the things that intrigued me the most about NickNervous is despite the fact that both Caiti and Kelsi have literally spent their whole lives together, they only recently decided to collaborate. After you listen to them, you'll wonder why it didn't hit them sooner.

My favorite thing about this band (and I think you'll agree) is the purity of their sound. In a world of over-hyped, over-compressed, and overproduced music, I think you're really going to appreciate the very real talent NickNervous has to offer. It's very refreshing to hear voices take center stage.

Watch their studio performance in the video and you'll see what I mean.

NickNervous is hosting a CD/EP release celebration in Twin Falls on December 19th at 730pm at the Brick House, downtown Twin Falls. Enjoy food and performances by area bands: Space Hat, Fox Cap, Aaron Golay, Elena Coats, and of course, NickNervous. There will also be a DJ and dancing so come prepared to have some fun.

You can check out more of NickNervous on iTunes or on their YouTube channel.