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Apparently, God doesn’t like it when we stand up for His creation.

Twin Falls Mayor Suzanne Hawkins makes no secret of her Christian faith.  It was evident when she issued a proclamation in support of life.  During the meeting, some people (including the pastor of a United Methodist Church) turned their backs on the Mayor, although.  Most reaction she has received has been positive.

Up until 50 years ago, killing babies in a womb was considered an abomination by just about all Americans.

The negative, while a smaller number, has been somewhat nasty.  The Pastor of what is known as a Mainline Protestant denomination told Mayor Hawkins she was going to burn in hell for what she has done.

Seriously, when did this interpretation of Christianity become normalized?  Up until 50 years ago, killing babies in a womb was considered an abomination by just about all Americans.  Times have changed as media and academia promoted infanticide and eventually large swathes of elected legislatures.  Do we change traditional Christian teaching for every latest bloody fad?

Some years ago I watched a documentary about a fallen civilization, which occupied present day New Mexico.  Archeologists discovered that as the culture declined, toddlers were tossed in wells.  Possibly to appease some pagan deity or as a show of violent control over the population.  The society collapsed no matter the explanation for the carnage.

Traditional Christianity was a refutation of paganism.  It allowed the flourishing and dominance of Western Civilization.  Little people became known as children and were prized, nurtured and loved.  Now some sick pastor of the Church of Anything Goes is condemning to the nether reaches anyone who stands for an old order.

We should also note, The Mayor’s proclamation isn’t law.  She’s not wrestling down anyone going into Planned Parenthood.

The cultural left is engaging in what psychiatrists call projection.

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