Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV/KSVT-TV) - Twin Falls Police have released a video showing the robbery suspect from Subway early this Morning (Jan. 13).

Captain Craig Stotts with the Twin Falls Police Department say the suspect is believed to be a white Female. The incident happened at 7:21 a.m. at Subway, 806 Blue Lakes Blvd. North.

Authorities say the suspect stole a Subway employee’s vehicle and fled from the scene. It was located two blocks away on Elm Street North and Falls Avenue East, abandoned.

The suspect did display a weapon. The person is described as Caucasian wearing a facemask, sun glasses, is 5-foot 8 to 5-foot 9 inches tall and average build. It’s not known if the person was male or female.

Anyone who has information about the robbery is encouraged to call 735-HELP (4357).