The rain on top of the snow, we believe, has the potential of causing some significant  flooding issues."

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) The City of Twin Falls has declared a state of emergency in anticipation of possible flooding from warming temperatures and rain next week.  The National Weather Service in Boise is predicting warming temperatures early next week with chances of rain and snow. The Twin Falls City council met for a special meeting Friday and signed an emergency declaration as a precautionary measure to address the chance of flooding.

City Administrator Travis Rothweiler says the city received about a foot of snow from this weeks storm. He says the city has been in contact with meteorologist who say the area could see another 4 inches of snow during the weekend and inch of rain by early next week. "The rain on top of the snow, we believe, has the potential of causing some significant  flooding issues." said Rothweiler.   


Citizens have been asked to be prepared as well by removing snow around their property that may create a problem. Specifically the city has asked people to remove heavy snow from their roofs ahead of the upcoming storm.

As those drifts, if they should be on top of the roofs, soak up that moisture we believe it has the potential to impact the structural integrity of roofs and roof systems." said Rothweiler.

The city manager also said people should pay close attention to older roofs and buildings with flat roofs. The city says citizens should sign up for the emergency alert system through the Southern Idaho Regional Communication Center's Citizen Alert Notification (CAN) system, which can be found at this link.

Rothweiler told the city council that crews will monitor 20 areas within the city known for flooding problems. He asks citizens to keep a watchful eye and report any issues that may arise. The city has also contacted area charitable and church organizations who can help residents.

Twin Falls County Office of Emergency Management Director Jackie Fry said in a written statement to News Radio 1310, "The county as a whole is monitoring the upcoming weather and encouraging the citizens to prepare with resources needed to manage there own needs."  She says people in any emergency situation need to be prepared with enough food, clothing, and fuel. She said resources and information are available on the county website, which you can find at this link.

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