Apparently, there were several kayakers that needed assistance from the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office Monday who didn't get word of the impending weather alert calling for dangerously high winds throughout the Magic Valley.

Winds downed power lines, trees, and sparked fires in southern Idaho on Labor Day as many were enjoying their final hours of a three day weekend. Sirens could be heard all afternoon long in Twin Falls as police and search and rescue teams answered calls of weather related emergencies.

As an avid kayaker myself, I avoid the Snake River and other area waterways when the weather calls for heavy winds. It's just too big of a risk when high winds contribute to choppy conditions on the water. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office posted a photograph of a couple of kayakers who took a ride back to Centennial Park on a county sheriff boat after getting in over their heads.

My family and I managed to get some kayaking in on Saturday at Lake Walcott. As we were returning home Sunday afternoon, we received word on a county app that Labor Day was going to be a gusty one this year. The winds on Monday were some of the strongest I've witnessed in Twin Falls in a while. I picked up debris all afternoon long that blew into my yard.

We want to acknowledge the great work of our county responders and thank the departments involved in Monday's rescues for their bravery. We are also very thankful no one was injured out on the water. When heavy winds are predicted, people need to wait out these weather systems until conditions are safe to get in the water, because those responding to these types of calls are also putting their lives on the line.

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