The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office posted to its Facebook page recently to alert the public to an ongoing scam involving the solicitation of personal banking and credit card information.

Have you recently received a phone call from an unknown individual regarding a stimulus check you'll be receiving soon? On March 26, 2020, the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office posted on its Facebook page details of a new scam that is targeting area residents.

In the post, local law enforcement stated that people are receiving phone calls from criminals asking for personal banking or credit card information as a way to claim a stimulus check from the government. Some are receiving emails as well, which are known as "phishing scams."

The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office has reminded the public to never give out banking or credit card information to anyone unfamiliar over the telephone. The Department of Treasury does not place such phone calls to the public. In this time of increased layoffs and public fear over the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, these types of acts are nothing more than an attempt to pray on Americans.

If you receive such a phone call, or email attempt at this type of interaction, law enforcement is recommending you hang up immediately. No such stimulus checks from the government are currently being set aside for the public at this time.

Be aware these scammers are very convincing, and will aggressively pursue your personal information. Again, hang up immediately if someone contacts you regarding any sort of stimulus check.

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