Government has no money of its own.  It confiscates yours.  It can’t operate without having its hands in your wallet.  As we approach 30 trillion dollars of national debt (it’s an official number, unfunded mandates and promises to government retires could quadruple the figure) there are few choices for managing the crisis.  We can inflate it away, which means any savings you’ve set aside could become worthless.  We can also invent new taxes to feed the beast.

Whatever benefits come from the passage of the Senate bill would be transitory.  A mileage tax could be forever.

Last week I shared there was a landmine buried in the 1.2 trillion dollar “infrastructure” bill passed by the United States Senate.  A pilot program for a mileage tax and in three years it could become a permanent feature.  Unlike Manhattan, people in Idaho need to drive long distances for work and shopping.  We’ll shoulder the burden of the new tax and not New York City liberals.

Over the weekend I spotted a story from a Pittsburgh newspaper.  The state of Pennsylvania is considering a mileage tax.  It would be business friendly.  Big trucking firms would get a break and pay less.  Regular folks driving to and from work would pay a lot more.  Here’s what’s counterintuitive; the better your gas mileage, the more you would pay!

Why are we standing for this?  Whatever benefits come from the passage of the Senate bill would be transitory.  A mileage tax could be forever.

I believe it was 1954 when Interstate 90 was completed through New York State.  Toll booths were set up every few miles.  The public was told when the project was paid off, the toll booths would vanish.  Nearly seventy years have passed and the toll road remains!  Government can’t be trusted.  It’s a beast devouring everything in its path.

I’m looking into my crystal ball.  Twenty years from now roads and bridges will be in even worse condition and your standard of living in great decline.  I would put money on my prediction but don’t believe I’ll be around to collect.  Government will, by that time, have left me in poverty and it’ll be the cause of my death.

What I truly find most bizarre about the pilot program is it seeks volunteers to pay it for the next 36 months.  Like any sane human being is raising a hand!

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